* VTun *

Nothing at this time. Feel free to check out the CVS tree and experiment! Remember to save the pieces.

A Word of Caution

Please, please, try to use the packages offered by the VTun Devel Team, or else your distribution. The devel team and charitable users often don't have the spare time to spend trying to re-create a custom environment to debug every problem. If your distro offers you an installation suite, then of course use that; they will be well-prepared to help you and we will be happy to address issues passed on from them. If your OS or distro isn't listed, please try a source package, and then the source, before trying a 3rd-party non-distro package. The level of support you get can only be better if it's easier to replicate your exact setup.

Yes, you will probably need a tun RPM for these vtun RPMs, and even if your distro provides the kernel module; it can be important for cohabitation with other tun-using products. If you are packaging a tun-based VPN app, please set a dependency on the tun RPM; you should know why! Send me (bishop) email if you wish to discuss it.

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